Family Services

Once a month we hold a service specially designed for families, to which everyone is welcome.

We choose a theme and try to find imaginative ways to present it, with questions and activities.

Here are some of the things we have done recently:

Christmas 2022

We have been following the progress of Mary and Joseph towards Bethlehem.  A big star is in the sky.  Wise men are on the distant hills.  Shepherds are watching their sheep.  Mary and Joseph have found somewhere to stay - but it's only a stable.  Mary has given birth to a son.

Harvest Service - Sept 2022

Local farmer Emily Greening spoke about the farming process and the farmers' dependence on God for the rain and sunshine needed to grow their crops.

We brought gifts for the Foodbank.

Sheila made us toffee apples - yummie!

We heard the Parable of the Sower, which Jesus told.  This parable talks about sowing seed on different kinds of soil.  We made our own planting trays, with gravel, sand and compost, and sowed our mustard and cress seeds into all three.  Then we waited to see what happened...

Jonah and the Whale

June 26th 2022

There was something fishy going on in the church...

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